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Architecture is one of those fortunate professions that can combine the interests of design and

drawing and earn a livelihood out of that combination. I am an architectural designer with over 25 years experience. I qualified with a NZ Certificate of Architectural Draughting and went on to work for some of Christchurch’s most respected architects. Later I spent 3 years in the UK working on a major heritage project and commercial buildings.

My focus as a sole practitioner is primarily housing – new houses and alterations.

I am passionate about “Good Design”. Any definition of Good Design will always seem incomplete but to me it incorporates much of the following:

  • Good Design to me listens carefully to clients needs.

  • Good Design carefully considers the context and siting of a project.

  • Good Design may acknowledge and incorporate local regional nuances and historical references in a concept.

  • Good Design links spaces skillfully.

  • Good Design crafts details that will be enjoyed throughout the life of a building.

  • Good Design seems right and endures

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